Results And What Our Clients Say

Here’s what our clients have to say about the amazing results we’ve achieved for them.


BRW Young Rich List Member

“Alexi is a brilliant advertising copywriter. For the past year, he has written the sales letters for all our seminars with outstanding success. I recommend him to anybody who wishes to increase their advertising response rates.”

Suzi Dafnis
Pow Wow Events P/L

$70,128 in a few weeks

One campaign Alexi worked on for me brought in over $70,128 in a few short weeks. If you want to turbo charge your sales and marketing, get him working on your business!”

Blair Singer
Bestselling Author

$117,251.23 in sales

One sales letter he wrote for me brought in $$117,251.23! When I want my marketing to bring in huge $$$, I bring in Alexi.”

Ed Burton
Bestselling Author

Tripled TV Response Leads

“Alexi wrote a TV ad that tripled our client’s previous response rate. And just to show it was no fluke, he just did it again with another of our clients! Suffice to say I am extremely happy with the outcome!”

Max Compton
Risk Free TV

Potentially $237,384 in sales revenue

“Alexi’s sales letters sell! He has done a number of jobs for me now and I keep coming back for more. I’ve even had several customers ask me who my copywriter is because they were so impressed with his work. Just one of the advertisements Alexi has written for me has the potential of generating at least $237,384 in sales revenue over a 12 month period, if it keeps performing the way it has to date. Not only that, he shared an idea with me that I was able to use within minutes to slash my advertising costs in half in major publications. This one little known tip saved me $4,120 today and could save me a massive $98,880 over 12 months. If you don’t check out what Alexi has to teach you, you’ll probably be leaving money on the table instead of putting it in your pocket. I just hope he doesn’t tell you ALL the powerful strategies he taught me! (Just kidding!) He’s a great guy to work with. If you want to see what he wrote for me, go to and check it out for yourself.

Hans Jakobi
Investor, Best-Selling Author and Australia’s Wealth Coach®

Best Selling Author

“I could have selected any of the world’s top advertising pros to write the copy for my new book. I chose Alexi because he’s the best I know. If you want your ads to make money, give him a call!”

Christopher Howard
The Christopher Howard Companies

Killer Marketing Brain

“Very few people truly understand how to write ads that sell. Alexi is one of the exceptions. His copy is powerful and persuasive, and he is 100% dedicated to making you tens of thousands of dollars in sales. I have no hesitation in recommending his ‘killer’ marketing brain to anyone that wants to get all the customers they’ll ever need.”

Brett McFall,
Co-Founder of the World Internet Summit

One Of The Best Advertising Copywriters I Know

“As the bestselling author of over three million books, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best advertising copywriters in the world. Out of that group, I would have to say Alexi is one of the most talented and results-producing copywriters I have met. His advice has always translated into increased sales and profits. I recommend him highly!”

Dr Robert Anthony
Bestselling Author

CEO Of a $100 Million Business

“Alexi is one of the best copywriters I’ve ever read. Certainly the BEST in Australia by far. Alexi is one of few writers I’d attach big advertising dollars to. If for some insane reason his ad does not work for you- it’s not Alexi’s fault… the fault is YOUR PRODUCT!”

Vince James
Discover the hidden techniques of how I built a $100 Million
empire in 23 months!

Best of the Best

“Whew! This is the best of the best — a brilliant system designed to bring you double the profits, and in fact is GUARANTEED to do so. Get this!”

Joe Vitale,
#1 Best-Selling Author,
“Spiritual Marketing”

Blew Out Our Phone Lines… Best Ad Man I Know

“The TV ad Alexi wrote for us brought in 300% more leads. In fact, his campaign was so successful that our call centre couldn’t handle the leads, blowing out the phone lines, and creating a follow up backlog of 5 days. We now have to computerise our lead taking so as to keep up with the influx of calls. Without a doubt Alexi is the best advertising guy I’ve worked with. I can’t wait to see the results when we roll out the campaign across the country.”

Ash Day
Managing Director
Craftmatic Australia

12.4% Response Rate at Only $5 Per Lead!

“We get Alexi to do all our sales copy, and he never lets us down. We just launched a new business and Alexi’s copy hit gold again with a 12.4% response rate from our three step sequence at a cost per lead of only $5! We’re now adding to our product line and are getting Alexi’s brain onto those products, too. If you need an advertising expert that gets $$$ in your account, he is your man!”

Michael Fullick and Mark Mahoney
The Quantum Group

Hire Alexi. Now!

“Alexi is one of the few copywriters in Australia that I would trust with my clients. If you want to get results with your advertising, hire Alexi. Now!”

Scott Bywater

Best Selling Author

“As a best selling author having conducted over 100 media interviews and teaching literally thousands of people how to make money in business, I am grateful to say I meet the best of the best in marketing and advertising. And I have to say Alexi is right up there amongst the top of the list.”

Brendan Nichols
Bestselling Author

Business Doubled In 5 Months

“From one ad Alexi wrote, my business has doubled within 5 months. What a relief not to struggle with whom to pay or not to pay. My business suppliers now get paid early, and my personal spending has reduced. We our now saving and investing in our business. I am rapt! My wife is thrilled at our financial position, and I feel relieved at the enormity of stress from being in business after nineteen years, an ad can do so much. I highly recommend Alexi’s services.”

Dr Steven W Griffith
Redcliffe Chiropractic Centre

From The Greatest Direct Response Copywriter Who Ever Lived

“One more thing, I received an excellent analysis of the water ad by a guy named Alexi. I don’t know his last name but I want to acknowledge I used a lot of what he had written in his explanation of why this ad worked. And I used a lot of it word-for-word. I don’t know who this guy is but, he’s a plenty sharp guy.”

Gary Halbert

A Conservative $66,000

“If all goes to plan, a referral letter Alexi wrote for us will bring in $42,000 in lifetime profits, for an investment of a few hundred dollars in printing. Amazing! Not only that, a simple idea he just gave us (while I was cutting his hair!) will add a clear $12,000 to our bottom line… and quite possibly $24,000 with a BIT of extra effort. This pays for our daughter’s private school fees… and a nice overseas family holiday every year! All told this is a very conservative $66,000!”

Kayleen Lorenzo
Industry Hairdressing

$32,796 in sales

“Alexi wrote a simple three step letter campaign to our past members. In just 10 weeks I’m happy to report it brought in over $32,796 in sales. But it doesn’t end there. If we factor in the life value of our average member, this campaign is actually worth at least $60,000 to my business. I couldn’t be happier, and not surprising, I’m looking to hire Alexi for another project. Get this guy’s brain on your business.”

Gary Rigby
Managing Director
Alive Gym and Fitness

Sold business within 24 hours for FULL asking price

“I had my business up for sale for more than six months. Business brokers told me they could sell it and had the skills to write a great ad (they are after all so–called professionals who do this for a living every day.) After constant disappointment and thousands of dollars down the drain on advertising, nothing worked.

I hesitated when I was given your number because I was doubtful that anyone could sell my business, but I eventually called. You wrote me a fabulous eye-catching, exciting, punchy ad, and… Guess what??? I sold my business on the same day for the full asking price and the response was huge – more than sixty calls and still counting! I can’t thank you enough, if only I had called you six months ago!!!”

Jackie Parkinson
The Jilted Anchovy

$162,000 in sales in just 3 months

“I am a CEO of a rapidly growing business. I was worried that I would waste my money on the ideas of yet another ‘pretend expert’. I decided to give Alexi a try. Almost instantly I knew my marketing was in safe hands. Just one of Alexi’s ideas brought in an extra $162,000 in sales in just 3 months. But best of all, they only cost me $5700 to implement. That’s a whopping 2,840% return on investment! I highly recommend you use Alexi’s marketing brain if you want to turbo charge your sales and profits.”

Neil Asher
New Insights

Conversion Rate Skyrockets

“From incorporating only a small section of Alexi’s copy into our existing enquiry letter, our business increased by about 30%. But the real gain is that we do HALF AS MANY quotes for the same income. So our conversion rate is much higher. We can’t wait to put all his copy into action. We’re very excited.”

Phil Mowbray
Enviro Floors

Multi Million Dollar Business

“I am a director of a thriving multi-million dollar business that is a leader in a specialty niche. Alexi’s copy was instrumental in helping to get us at the lucrative position we are today. I find his insights and advice indispensible and cannot recommend his services highly enough for your business.”

Jeffrey Morton

One Of The Best

“We hired Alexi to write the sales letter for our highly successful Stomper Vision launch. And I am glad we did as it was a huge success. Alexi is one of the best copywriters I know. Get this guy”

Brad Fallon

Best Copywriter We’ve Worked With

“As a leading success training company in the country – and a three time BRW Fast 100 organisation – it’s essential our copy is effective, communicates our message and gets results. It is the single most important element in our marketing mix. And there is one copywriter we rely on the most. That’s Alexi. He’s the best copywriter we’ve worked with by far. If you want rapidly grow your business, I recommend you get Alexi to write for you”

Karen Corban
Managing Director
Universal Events

100,000 Copies Sold

“Before Alexi wrote my sales copy I had sold only a few thousand copies of my book. As a direct result of his sales letter I have since sold over 100,000 copies of my book and am now profitably a 7 figure sum each year on my Google Ad Words campaign.”

Jon Gabriel,
Bestselling author “The Gabriel Method”

Who I Turn To When I Must Get Results

“I own a successful mail order/internet businesses and strong sales copy is central to our success. I’ve used many of Australia’s top copywriters and Alexi is who I turn to when I MUST get results.”

Alan Hewitt,
Earth Star Publishing

Half A Million In Bottom Line Profits

A three step sales letter sequence Alexi wrote for me pulled in a response rate of 25% (which is extraordinary considering I sell a $2,500 product). As a direct result of Alexi’s sales copy I now bring in over half a million in bottom line profits to the business. My partners and I are now positioning our business to be the dominant force in our industry – with Alexi’s help, of course! I couldn’t be happier. I have since hired him for more projects”.

Paul Sidhom
Founder – IPAG

One Of The Best Copywriters I Know

“Alexi is one of the best copywriters I know. I get him to write most of the sales copy for my events and programs. And we’ve had some great successes. Like, for example, my recent event that had over 900 people register to attend and helped me launch a new $162,000 seminar tour”.

Dale Beaumont
Bestselling author of “Secrets Exposed series

Added Bottom Line Profit Over $148,325 Per Year

“The sales letter Alexi wrote for me added a direct bottom line profit to my business of over $148,325 per year. Alexi is the best advertising copywriter. If you want to boost your sales you should get him onto your business.”

Sam Bowden, United Vets Group

Best Copywriter I Know – $1.4 Million Result

“Alexi wrote an ad that brought in a huge response – 79 targeted leads on an ad that cost $1,300. And from those leads we won a $1.4 million client. Now we’re working on converting the rest of our leads! “

Nicole Seagran
Vision Finance

One Hour Consult With Alexi Is Going To Be Worth At Least $300,000

“A one hour consult with Alexi is going to be worth at least $300,000 to me this year alone. Plus he outlined a way for me to get access to decision makers of multi-national companies – people normally very difficult to get access to”.

Jason Furness
Managing Director
Cash Focused Coaching

Founder of UFC

“Thanks for helping make my dream come true”.

Rorion Gracie
Founder of the Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC)
Founder Gracie Jui-Jitsu Academy

The Puppet Master

“Alexi is the “puppet master” behind many of the winning campaigns in Australia”.

Pat Mesiti
Bestselling Author