How The Marketing Bump No-Risk Offer Works

  1. You have to let us create marketing that sells. Which means we have creative freedom. If your internal marketing department insists on making “tweaks”, naturally we can’t guarantee an outcome.
  2. You have documented results.
  3. We must believe your marketing can be improved. In rare cases we discover a sales message so darn compelling that it’s almost impossible to improve. If that’s the case with yours, we’ll tell you.

If your ads could be more effective at selling product, however, we can definitely help you.

You Can Trust Us To Do The Job

That’s because we’re the team that helped:

  • A Weight Loss Expert: within weeks of hiring us he went from selling a few copies of his book per day to over 500 per week. Now he’s sold over 300,000 copies and still going (and recently one quick suggestion we gave have him doubled the conversion rate of his website’s landing page)
  • A Stock Market Educator: one press release written by us sold over $300,000 of training services
  • A Seminar Company: for the last few years our services have helped them sell tens of millions of dollars of programs to attendees of their events.
  • An industry Leading Buying Group: our lead generation campaign beat their in-house team’s best ever campaign by over 507%
  • Bedding Company: A 60 second script tripled TV response leads… making it their most successful campaign ever.
  • A Finance Company: Our first ad brought in 79 targeted leads (including one that turned into a client worth $1.4 million in business) on an ad cost of only $1,300. Their most successful campaign ever.
  • A Solar Tint Supplier: our ad failed, so the client didn’t pay for our services. We took the loss as part of our risk free offer.
  • A Health Supplement Distributor: yielded a whopping 6% conversion rate on their landing page of cold leads to sales – without any follow up whatsoever. Each lead costs $38 to turn into a sale. And each new sale is worth over $300 – an astounding 680% ROI.

The Secret To Our Success

So, what’s the secret to our success? Simple: we use a unique combination of obtaining high-margin sales through collateral development…  boosting the business’s market profile… developing the sales team through mentoring… writing fresh ads that snag customers and strengthening the bonds that keep them coming back…  revising sales presentations… and promoting fresh ideas to take advantage of the Internet.  In short, a set of strategies custom-tailored to your business that brings in big profits.

Who Is This Offer For?

First and foremost, you need to be ready to commit to promotion of your company, and be ready to fund the growth.  In addition, the following are all helpful:

●     You annually gross at least 6 figures annually (7 and 8 figures per year is preferred)

●     You have funding for marketing and promotion

●     You are interested in seeing more leads in the short term

●     You have a team that can help turn leads into customers

●     You see the need to change your methods

●     You have advertising materials ready for review

●     Your product has the potential for repeat business

●     Your image is strong and you get leads through word-of-mouth (but may not have set up a formal method to get referrals)

●     You have a customer list, but don’t reach out to them on a regular basis to add value

●     You have a fresh product that could take off with the right promotion

●     You measure and track the sources of your business (and if you don’t you’re open to doing so)

We drew up this list because we want to identify companies that actively promote themselves and focused on boosting profits.  Of course, if there aren’t any ways to improve your business, we’ll give you a pat on the back and vanish in a puff of smoke.

What if you do NOT have documented results or do NOT meet the criteria above? We still guarantee our services. Contact us below for the details.

Grow Profits In ANY Economic Climate

Our mission is to help you leave anxiety and stress behind. And experience stability and peace of mind in your business by:

  • Creating a buying frenzy in your business
  • Uncovering the best ways to get new leads and customers… and continually do so regular as clockwork
  • Substantially minimize the risk lurking in your business by helping you build powerful and numerous income streams – multiple income streams – that support you no matter what is happening in the economy or your industry

What is the Next Step?

If you’re interested, pick up the phone or send us a message today.

You can even send us your most successful advertisement or direct mailing, along with your company information.  We can evaluate it all and let you know if we’re up to the challenge.  We are confident that we can beat at least 95% of the direct response ads out there. 

Either way, with our guarantee there is no risk to you at all.

To get started, or to get more info, simply fill out the submission form below. Or call 1300 886 099.

All enquiries are confidential.


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