The Marketing Bump Team

Marketing Bump is unlike any direct response agency in the world.

  1. Our unique promise guarantees an increase in your response rates… or our service is free
  2. We’re a boutique agency that specializes in working with only a handful of fast growing companies at one time.
  3. Though we’re based in Sydney, our team is entirely virtual and spread over 4 continents. This means we’re able to recruit the best from the pool of talent available without the limitation of one fixed location.
  4. We’ve been involved in – or actively studied – thousands of split tests. So we know what works.
  5. We’re obsessed with results. And we rate our success by the ONLY benchmark that matters – outcomes that bump your bottom line profits.
  6. We have over a decade’s worth of experience making money for our clients
  7. Our complimentary Quick Review Service gets our expertise on your ad, sales letter or website – FREE (value $197).

Meet Our Founder and Chief Strategist

Alexi Neocleous

Alexi Neocleous is one of the leading direct response freelance copywriters in Australia. Having worked with business owners large and small, he’s known as a copywriter who gets fast results for his clients.

From the very first day “lady luck” has shined upon him. His first ever client was the now deceased Rene Rivkin, and since then his career has flourished!

His sales copy even got the attention of currently the world’s richest men, Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett received one of Alexi’s sales letters and invited him to be a guest at his company’s annual general meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. Click here for a scan of the invite from Mr. Buffett.

He’s written advertising copy for bestselling authors… world renowned seminar leaders… and multi-million dollar business owners.

Some of his clients include bestselling author Christopher Howard. He has written sales copy for PowWow Events (when they were the sole representatives of Robert Kiyosaki in Australia). And is currently working on project-as-partner with famous SEO expert, Brad Fallon of StomperNet fame.

Alexi is the author of some of most well received advertising and marketing courses in the industry, titles which include Advertising Secrets, The 3 Minute Ad Formula (which we co-authored with friend and top colleague Scott Bywater) and The Kaizen Marketing System.

Alexi runs workshops; keynote presentations and seminars on how every person (no matter their experience of background) can write world class “killer” copy.

Some of his more recent copy successes include a client who invests $35,000 per month on Google Ad Words and returns 4 times that amount from the sale of only one book – all from the copy Alexi wrote for him. Another client returned over $100K from a simple four page letter Alexi wrote him. And yet another client has enjoyed a 22% response rate on the sale of a $2,500 annual fee membership program – cultivating a substantial 6-figure income for his client year-in-year-out. This is just a small sample of the successes Alexi has enjoyed only in the last couple of months!

You Can Trust Us To Do The Job

Whether you want your marketing to generate more leads and clients… or get each of your customers to come back again and again… or dramatically overhaul your marketing, the Marketing Bump team can help.

Your marketing needs to deliver on the objectives you’ve set for it. These objectives can be anything from conversion rate, selling, increasing your database and so on. And great marketing will…

  • Cut down the number of refunds or returns, as you build credibility and your clients trust you more and more
  • Give you a reduction in objections your prospects might have
  • Give you the best return on your investment dollars (or the maximum amount of sales converted from the traffic going to your website)

Lets you make better use of your time. You don’t have to deal with such things as refunds or complaints, so you have more time to focus on the profitable side of your business.

To sum it up, our job has three directions:

1. Grabbing your public’s attention.

2. Make your message sound irresistible to your market

3. Making your prospect respond in whichever way you want them to. This is where our hidden secrets lie – we don’t just use words, but also persuasive hard to spot methods that induce your readers to action.